Married couple ALFRED LUNT and LYNN FONTANNE were the greatest acting team in the history of American Theater, but made only one film together in their prime, and are now largely forgotten.

That’s about to change…

Lynn Fontanne and Alfred Lunt


In LUNT AND FONTANNE: THE CELESTIALS OF BROADWAY, Mark E. Lang’s new stage play about the Lunts, today’s audiences get a chance to meet Alfred and Lynn, explore their life on and off the stage, see them perform scenes from their favorite plays– including Shakespeare’s TAMING OF THE SHREW and Molnar’s THE GUARDSMAN; interact with famous friends such as Noel Coward and Laurence Olivier; and share their experiences on Broadway, in London during World War II and on tour.

Playing the Lunts (and multiple roles) are New York based actors ALISON J. MURPHY and MARK E. LANG, also a married couple who have worked together on stage and on camera for years. They bring to these roles their own experience plus years of extensive research into the Lunts’ lives and work.

Lang and Murphy as Lunt and Fontanne

Mark E. Lang and Alison Murphy in THE GUARDSMAN (courtesy East Lynne Theater Co.)


The production team for LUNT AND FONTANNE: THE CELESTIALS OF BROADWAY includes director OWEN THOMPSON, stage manager KELSEY LANE DIES, costume designer JESSA-RAYE COURT, sound designer RICHARD FROHLICH and composer of incidental music ANTHONY UVA.

The premiere production ran in 2015 at the Stage Left Studio in New York City.

THE CELESTIALS will also be playing at The Classic Theatre in San Antonio, Texas in July 2016, and in The New York International Fringe Festival in August 2016… more details to follow!


TBE Theatrical is now accepting inquiries for performances in 2017; for more information contact them at 212-946-1214.